Get in Touch Often

When you have some time and you decide to do something like read a book, check your favourite blogs, or watch an episode of┬áBreaking Bad – first, get in touch with your language.

Make this a habit and you will have a very effective way of reviewing – something which is absolutely key to language learning. The point here is, there is a limit you can take in in one study session and the real learning occurs when you are forced to compare the way you think the language is, with the way it actually is. Finding your mistakes here helps you to restructure your interlanguage and get a step closer to producing the language as it really is.

I recommend spending these 5-20 minutes testing yourself with your flashcard deck, and practicing the items you get wrong, adjusting mnemonics that aren’t helping you to remember.

Other good uses of this time, when you are at a computer would be:

  1. Doing Memrise
  2. Opening and LingQing a new item on LingQ